Dr. Sima F. Chegini
Doctors' Choice Awards

Dr. Chegini started her dental education in 1989 and is a 1993 graduate of Loyola university, school of dentistry in Chicago with honors and ranked amongst the top 10 students in her class. She has represented Loyola university school of dentistry  in the ADA student table clinic competitions three years on a raw for her scientific paper published on research in medical microbiology that causes gum disease. After graduating Loyola to gain more experience in providing complex dental care she completed a year of general practice residency program in dentistry (GPR) at university of Rochester,NY in 1994. Shortly after she moved to Boston,Ma and started working as an associate dentist at a private practice for 2 years. In 1996 she moved to Seattle, WA and was both teaching dental students as a part time faculty at university of WA, school of dentistry and dental hygienists at lake WA technical college in Kirkland, WA and at the same time completed a 6 months fellowship (DECOD) dental education in care of the disabled, at university of WA, school of dentistry. Aside from that she’s been working as a lead dentist at a couple of community health centers in Seattle from 1996-1998.

 In 1999 she settled down in Akron, OH and established Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Fairlawn, OH and has been in practice at Arsmiles since then. She has been a clinical instructor at Summa hospital‘s general practice residency program (GPR) in Akron since 2008 where she was involved in teaching dental residents for about 5 years. An avid advocate of continued dental education,  she has invested  heavily in education and training of herself and her team for the past 20 years for better understanding and mastering superb clinical skills in diverse areas of dentistry to manage complex dental conditions. 

In addition she believes the knowledge, experience and mastery of clinical skills only when coupled with the latest in technology could result in providing the best care possible. Therefore her office is equipped with cutting edge and the newest technologies. Dr. Chegini has completed advanced courses and many hours of continued dental education in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, clear aligner treatment,  implant dentistry, TMD management, occlusion, pediatric dentistry, endodontics  and many more. 

In addition her holistic approach is what makes a huge difference to better understand the correlation between dental physiology and occlusion as a whole that rules the conditions in the mouth,  to the individual tooth problem, and how they mutually affect one another. This mindset leads to understanding and addressing the root cause of the problems that enables Dr. Chegini to provide successful and sustainable results.

Dr. Chegini is married and she has 3 children. She enjoys the outdoors. She loves walking, running, hiking and biking in Metro Parks. In Winters she enjoys skiing and appreciates living in Akron where it offers all possibilities within a close proximity, from it’s beautiful Metro Parks and natural setting to it’s tight, supportive community culture which have all been a blessing! She has played piano for many years and enjoys art, music and culture. She loves practicing yoga, reading and listening to audiobooks while walking or jogging and exploring outdoors. She has an Australian Shepherd dog and two cats as part of her extended family that she adores.