Arsmiles family & Cosmetic Dentistry is a privately owned dental practice established in 1999, located at 2640 West Market Street, at the border of Akron and Fairlawn. Our office is tastefully and seasonably decorated with an emphasis on art, music and culture. We believe our image, appearance and treatment of our patients reflect the spirit and philosophy of our practice. We strive to make you feel at home when you are here and make your dental treatment experience positive.

Our Legacy:

We have established a dental health model that is patient base and personalized. Arsmiles is a family dental practice with a major emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. We offer personalized and holistic dental care to anyone regardless of age, from young children to adults and senior citizens. We listen to our patients and customize their treatment plan, providing realistic solutions that meet their expectations and suit their preferences, lifestyles, and finances.

Our goal is to create the most beautiful, healthy, and confident smile based on a well-balanced functional occlusion.  A variety of cosmetic procedures such as clear aligner treatment or Invisalign, tooth whitening, esthetic veneers, and crowns are used to give you the smile of your dreams.

At Arsmiles we provide top quality dental care with outstanding and superb customer service. Our compassionate and experienced dental team is committed to making our patients’ experience pleasant, positive, and easy. We treat our patients the way we would want to be treated and believe that keeping dental care simple begins with preventative care to avoid future unforeseen dental problems.

What makes Arsmiles stand out?

Our Approach

At Arsmiles we deliver a holistic approach. We understand that dental care is a key part of our patients’ general health that enhances and contributes to their overall wellbeing. Our staff is a team of mothers who are sensitive to our patients’ experience and comfort. We understand patients’ anxieties and can sooth them with our gentle and caring conduct.Patient care is our number one priority achieved through our cohesive teamwork, effective patient education and communication skills.



Delivering high quality patient care is our number one priority.

Education &

We emphasize continuing education to keep up with the latest in dentistry, to ensure we are providing the best dental care solutions.

Innovation & Technology

Our office is always equipped with leading-edge technology to enhance our diagnostic and treatment capacity to best serve our patients.

Holistic & Preventative Mindset

We bring a deep understanding of the entire mouth to eliminate harm and resolve problems at the root cause to achieve sustainable results.

Continuity of Care / Comprehensive approach

Offering comprehensive dentistry; we provide all services in house & keep the continuity of care.

Team-Work & Professionalism

Our staff operates in a professional, friendly & caring environment, working well together to serve our patients.