When children lose their baby teeth, right behind them come the permanent teeth. These are the teeth they will have throughout their adult life, making it incredibly important that they are taken care of. However, there are times when the early loss or extraction of a baby tooth can cause a problem. That often occurs when a child has had an injury to the mouth that has knocked out a baby tooth long before it’s ready. That, in turn, can lead to changes in chewing, speech development, and the placement of the adult teeth. In a sense, the baby teeth act as space holders for the permanent teeth to come through. When lost early, this can significantly affect the future dental alignment and the balance of the entire dentition. It can create space management issues if not impaction of a permanent tooth that’s stuck in the jaw bone and does not have enough room to erupt. Dr. Sima F. Chegini of Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry stresses the importance of pre-orthodontic space management to ensure the permanent teeth come in as expected. 

What is space management in dentistry?

Dr. Sima F. Chegini describes space management as a way of using a retainer or a space maintainer fabricated by a dental laboratory over the space where a tooth has been lost or extracted prematurely. In a situation like this, it is pertinent to keep the spacing in the dental arch available until the succedaneous permanent tooth is ready to erupt in the mouth. This would prevent shifting of the back tooth forward in the mouth that blocks  the eruption of the permanent tooth by the time it’s ready to erupt. It is also an excellent way for the dentist to monitor the development of the smile and make early recommendations in the event the patient might need orthodontic intervention n the future.

Interceptive Orthodontics and Orthodontics (children and teens)

By monitoring the changes in the smile during late childhood and early teens, Dr. Chegini can intervene with interceptive orthodontic treatment early on if it is deemed necessary to assist with eruption of all of the permanent teeth that otherwise would stay impacted due to severe crowding or small dental arches and maintain a functional bite and beautiful smile. Our knowledgeable team at Arsmiles focuses on how to prevent complicated orthodontic problems in children and adolescents and use interventions such as interceptive orthodontics to make future treatments less complicated and shorter, and possibly eliminate the need for comprehensive orthodontics entirely. Dr. Chegini has the skills and expertise to ensure that treatment successfully maintains the smile’s appearance and functionality and addresses issues such as overbites, overjets, and crossbites. Evaluations in early childhood and monitoring the dental development and growth of the kids are necessary to determine if orthodontics may be needed later when the child’s smile  is ready for improvement.

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