Arsmiles family & Cosmetic dentistry is a Fairlawn-based boutique dental practice. We are a modern, upscale, local dentistry that has put smiles on faces throughout the Akron area for 23 years. Our office is on the forefront of the industry, using state of the art technologies and methods to deliver personalized care in a neighborly manner. In an era when even personal health has been annexed by corporate profiteers, we aim to present an alternative — treat patients like family, and dental care as an essential part of human health. In practice, this means illuminating a patient’s path to health by identifying and treating root causes instead of selling stopgap measures and short-term fixes.

In our hiring process, we prioritize candidates who demonstrate curiosity towards the dental field and who seek improvement in their professional and personal lives. As a member of our team, you will be trained to be attentive to each patient’s unique needs, and to develop your knowledge and skills towards your advancement and growth. Our staff is regularly enrolled in private courses and group training events that keep our teamwork seamless and our methods at the cutting edge.

Dr. Chegini is always looking to add a friendly and welcoming member to the team who can be a professional while providing safe, effective, and friendly care to each patient visiting us. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!

You can provide your resume to Dr. Chegini by contacting our office, which is located at 2640 W. Market St. Suite 302 Fairlawn, Ohio. You can reach us at (330) 593-2500, and our email address is .