Why patients might want to ask about dental sealants to protect the smile

At Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we utilize dental sealants for both children and adults to protect the teeth from tooth decay. If you live in the Fairlawn, Ohio, area and want to find out if dental sealants are suitable for you, we can help! Dr. Sima Chegini is a dentist who offers this solution for patients when they can benefit from this extra layer of protection and strength.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are one way of sealing teeth to prevent cavities. This very thin flowable resin coating is used to smooth the chewing surfaces of the teeth, specifically the molars near the back of the mouth. The molars are known for having a lot of pits and crevices where food can get stuck and make it challenging to keep the teeth clean. With dental sealants, this area is smoothed out, making it harder for food to stay on the surface and therefore protect the teeth from cavities.

What are the benefits of having a preventative sealant?

  • Many young children may struggle to effectively brush their teeth, putting them at a high risk of experiencing cavities and tooth demineralization by bacteria that penetrates the deep pits and fissures of permanent molars that start erupting at the age of 6, therefore they are referred to as six year old molars! Placing a dental sealant over the teeth offers one other step to protecting the smile of a young kid with a tiny mouth that makes it more challenging to get back to the end of the arches. It’s almost impossible to remove the plaque and food debris from those tiny crevices since they are sometimes smaller than the dimension of a tooth brush bristle. Therefore it’s the standard of dental care as a preventative measure to place sealants on all permanent molars as soon as they are erupted in the mouth and before the teeth are contaminated with bacteria and their subsequent staining. Obviously it makes it a lot easier for children to remove food particles from their adult back molars in their tiny mouths. For some adults at a higher risk of developing cavities, such as those with dry mouth, dental sealants may also be used to protect the teeth.

What do dental sealants feel like?

There isn’t much difference in sensation or feel on a sealed tooth and one that is not. For the most part, the tooth will feel the same, just slightly smoother in areas where crevices of the molars are smoothed down.

When should sealants be placed?

As soon as permanent molars are fully erupted in the mouth within the first 6 months those teeth should be sealed. Once bacteria get stuck to the pits and fissures of molars and cause staining and subsequent demineralization of enamel, then sealants could not be placed over those suspicious areas. 

When to expect eruption of permanent molars for placement of sealants?

They are two sets of permanent molars. First are 6 year old molars that come around age 6 and second set is called 12.year old molars that erupt at age 12 or around that time if the child is not delayed with it’s dental growth and development. 

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