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What Makes us Different?

Our unique dental health model based on our core values & Purpose

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Holistic Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

We address the root cause by eliminating the harm to achieve sustainable results

Our Holistic Dentistry
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Advanced Dental Technologies

Using cutting technologies to deliver top quality dental care to our patient

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CEREC Same Day Crowns

No temporary crown & No second visit

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the smile of your dreams

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We Love Kids

And kids love us too!

Our Pediatric Dentistry

A One-Stop Dental Solution for Everyone

Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is a one-stop dental solution that welcomes everyone. Our experienced Akron family and cosmetic team addresses your diverse dental needs from preventative dental care and specialized cosmetic procedures to implant dentistry and orthodontics.

Advanced Dental services/cutting-edge technology

At Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry our knowledgeable team offers advanced treatment options that go beyond the usual and customary procedures to resolve complex dental problems utilizing cutting edge technology.

Holistic Approach

We believe that oral health affects the whole body, and the mouth is a part of a broader picture of our general health and well-being. We study the mouth as a whole and bring a deep understanding of the oral cavity to eliminate harm and resolve problems at the root cause, achieving successful and sustainable results. Our mission is to implement strategies that facilitate the delivery of comprehensive oral care that positively impacts whole body health.

Kids, We love ‘em!

At Arsmiles we excel in pediatric dentistry and emphasize the importance of preventative care and pre-orthodontic space management. Our expert team is focused on monitoring the primary and mixed dentition stages managing the dental growth of kids and adolescents in optimal conditions every step of the way!

State-of-the-art office

Our newly renovated and expanded state-of-the-art office has created a modern and upscale design to accommodate our technology and advanced dental services. It’s open floor plan, bright and inviting ambiance are calming, it’s unique decor that showcases Don Drumm’s art work invites our patients to an aesthetic and elevated space.



Delivering high quality patient care is our number one priority.

Education &

We emphasize continuing education to keep up with the latest in dentistry, to ensure we are providing the best dental care solutions.

Innovation & Technology

Our office is always equipped with leading-edge technology to enhance our diagnostic and treatment capacity to best serve our patients.

Holistic & Preventative Mindset

We bring a deep understanding of the entire mouth to eliminate harm and resolve problems at the root cause to achieve sustainable results.

Continuity of Care / Comprehensive approach

Offering comprehensive dentistry; we provide all services in house & keep the continuity of care.

Team-Work & Professionalism

Our staff operates in a professional, friendly & caring environment, working well together to serve our patients.

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