While traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces get a bad rap, they are a tried-and-true method for realigning the teeth. They are best used in situations where the malalignment is moderate to severe, and alternatives such as clear aligner therapy can be used for milder cases. With proper care and attention, conventional braces are still an excellent solution for those with malocclusion seeking a permanent solution to improve their malaligned smiles. Fairlawn, Ohio, area patients considering orthodontic treatment may learn more by contacting the Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team and scheduling a consultation visit with our dentist, Dr. Sima F. Chegini.

What are conventional braces?

Conventional or traditional braces use metal brackets bonded to the teeth and connected with metal wire. Though they are not the most attractive solution, they are the most efficient and often necessary for those with more severe smile malalignment.

Why choose conventional braces?

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose conventional braces over other types of braces. First, they are great investments, affordable, and often partially covered by insurance. They are also more effective with overcrowding, deep bite, and severe overjet and overbite than other alternatives. A great costume-designed orthodontic treatment with braces would provide successful and sustainable results that would give patients the smile of their dreams that stays for life. Finally, they are very effective in treating most cases of dental or skeletal malalignment. That makes them a versatile option for children, teenagers, and even adults with any kind of problems who are considering orthodontic treatments to improve the smile’s alignments.

Who is a good candidate for metal bracket-and-wire braces?

Most people are good candidates for traditional orthodontic treatment done with bracket and wire braces. However, for patients with a severe case of malaligned dental and skeletal conditions, a combined orthognathic surgery with conventional orthodontics would be recommended as a treatment of choice. People with severe medical conditions or metal allergies should consider other alternative orthodontic treatment such as clear aligner orthodontics.

Talk to your dentist to see if traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces are right for you.

Call Dr. Sima F. Chegini of Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more about your options for orthodontic treatment. Whether you are a good candidate for traditional braces or are interested in finding out whether you are a candidate for clear aligner tray alternatives, we can help! You can reach out to our Fairlawn, Ohio, area practice by calling (330) 593-2500 and connecting with our team in person at 2640 West Market Street, Suite #302.