Success Stories from patients at Arsmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


Look at what our patients say about the dental procedures we provide and how eager they are to tell others how the process has changed their lives.

I've been going here since 2008, so it's been a long time! I had a gap that braces couldn't fix, but Dr. Chegini repaired it today, and  I feel much better. I would wholeheartedly suggest Arsmiles to my friends.

Ashley has been a patient of  Dr. Chegini for a long time!

Since 2018, I've been a patient. In February 2019, I had braces installed, and after three years and three months, they were eventually removed last week. My entire experience was fantastic. Everyone followed up with me, and I was able to come in anytime I needed assistance. Now here I am, with my new smile and overjoyed.

Here's my new smile after I had my braces removed!

Before the braces, I had difficulty chewing due to significant gaps between my teeth and troubles with various particles trapped in-between. I also developed undesirable habits, such as grinding my teeth at night. Everything was rectified once I had my teeth straightened with braces at Arsmiles. I can eat well, brush my teeth more efficiently, and glance in the mirror without feeling ashamed about my smile!

Reggie searched for the best dentist and orthodontist and discovered Dr. Chegini!

It's been nothing but a family vibe since I arrived. It's fantastic; I'm delighted! I adore everyone here. The new office is stunning, and I would recommend Arsmiles to everyone.

Dr. Chegini makes you feel like family!

will help you obtain a brighter smile with the support of a professional dental team.